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CNA Emilia Romagna is

National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Sized businesses is the VOICE of craft, small and medium sized firms and specialised workers.

It represents and safeguards the interests of Provincial and Sectorial Associations and of its entire membership, with public and private institutions, Public Administration, and with regional political, social and economic organizations.

CNA Emilia Romagna together with the Provincial Associations, the National Sectorial Associations and all other Regional Associations, is part of the system of the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Sized businesses.
The function of CNA Emilia Romagna is to provide integration among the Provincial Associations. It defines regional financial policy, promotes industrial relations and drafts industrial agreements.

It works out legislative proposals to present to the regional government. It also carries out and manages European Community policy in the regional area.
CNA Emilia Romagna is involved as an independent political player in the setting up of economic development policies aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the region’s economic and social system.

In addition, CNA acknowledges and defends the EC’s own values of political freedom, social cohesiveness and economic development, as values of the Craft industries and of Small and Medium Sized businesses.

CNA offers reliabilty, opportunity and competence to its entrepreneurs. Knowledge, research and innovative technology are strategic lines followed by CNA to achieve economic development and to compete in every system from local level to the new global level


From the airport Guglielmo Marconi International Airport is connected to the Central Train Station by the AEROBUS BLQ shuttle. For information, see:

From the train station Bologna's Stazione Centrale is only 10 minutes from CNA offices. Bus line 27 (A, B or C) direction “Corticella” at the nearby “Autolinee” stop, get off bus stop CROCE COPERTA. See map at:

From the motorway From Florence, Milan, and Ancona: exit at the "ARCOVEGGIO" toll booth motorway A14. Then Ring Road exit 6. From Padua: ring road exit 6. For information, see:

By bus from the city centre CNA offices can be reached every day with TPER buses 27A-B-C at the regular city rate, bus stop CROCE COPERTA. For information, see: TPER (Bologna Public Transportation)

The CNA system

CNA works through an extensive local System. Where there is business you will find CNA.

CNA Emilia Romagna is concerned with building up on-going, direct relations with the business world through its extensive presence at a local level. This is achieved through its provincial offices, each of which has developed an autonomous structure of specific services and consultancy tailored to suit the needs of individual businesses, and which include on-line connections with them.

The convenience of CNA is in its extensive integrated network organization.

CNA Emilia Romagna, together with the other 19 Regional Associations, the 106 Provincial Associations and the Sectorial Associations, is an integral part of that broader National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, which is the National CNA.

CNA Emilia Romagna comprises 10 Provincial Associations: Bologna, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena, Imola, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Ravenna, Rimini.
To provide information and to assist businesses in every aspect of their work there are 226 CNA local offices throughout the Region. The office work-force totals more than 2,500 skilled and professional staff.

They form part of the CNA’s specialised and professional structures which are:
10 Craft Unions;
Ecipar, the professional and managerial training and up-dating body;
Epasa, CNA institution which deals with social security and pensions;
CNA Giovani Imprenditori created to assist and encourage young people in business;
CNA Impresa Donna to assist women in starting up and establishing themselves in business;
CNA Professioni represents those individuals who distinguish themselves in the business world of “a-typical”;
CNA Piccola e Media Industria intends to support and accompany small and medium enterprises along the path of acquisition of competitive advantages and tools so badly needed to face the ever-changing market’s demands.
CNA Innovazione Identification and diffusion of business good practices;
S.I.A.E.R., which works with the setting up, management and development of IT systems and related services;
CAF, Centro di Assistenza Fiscale, the Tax Assistance Centre;
Editoriale artigianato e piccola impresa dell'Emilia Romagna, is the company responsible for publications and communications sent to CNA members.